Exhaust Clamp


GuangzhouPalmergrip Metal Products Co., Ltd. was established in 11th, 2013.we Obtained National High-tech Enterprise in 2020.It is a professional manufacturer of stainless steel T-bolt band clamps, Barrel hardware Clamps , V-band clamps/Couplings and flanges, etc.We serve commercial and industrial companies in a wide variety of markets ranging from the automotive industry to the waste water treatment industry . Our ability to offer top quality products , design engineering expertise , friendly customer service , and on-time delivery make Palmergrip the best choice for all of your fastening applications. Our heavy duty clamps series are outstanding to serve in some special applications like high temperature ( 1200F) , high vibration (4G ) applications.

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Exhaust Clamps, also known as U Bolt Clamps, are primarily used for automotive purposes to fix the exhaust to the vehicle, avoiding the need for welding. A good quality clamp will improve the performance of a vehicle, as a faulty clamp means that the air flow is not restricted though the exhaust.


exhaust clamp

There are more than a dozen different clamp styles to properly secure today’s automotive and heavy-duty exhaust systems. The V-Band, referenced above, is one type of exhaust clamp. The U-Bolt clamp is another style and is commonly used in simple exhaust connections on aftermarket replacement products. We also have the wide band clamp used to join larger exhaust pipes on performance exhaust systems. This clamp stretches to form a very tight leak-proof seal and is made for one-time use. We also feature band clamps that are reusable. These clamps spread the clamping force over a wide area so the pipe is not crushed. This makes it easy to disassemble exhaust parts with simple tools.

Automotive Clamp

V-Band clamps are for fast, secure, high-strength coupling for connecting flanged joints in the auto, pools/boats/rec and industrial industries, from cars to pools. In the heavy-duty market and performance vehicle market, V-Band style clamps are very common. The V-Band clamp is a heavy-duty clamping method for flanged pipes of all kinds. Typically used in the HD market in exhausts and turbo installations, they are also found in many industrial applications because of the strength and integrity of the clamp’s connection. 

Hose Clamp

T-Bolt hose clamp. These clamps are built tough for extreme use and are frequently found in heavy-duty applications like turbo charged air intakes. Engineered in a wide variety of solutions to seal off liquid and air from hose connections, they provide more clamping force than the WDHC and can expand and contract under extreme temperatures to provide an ultra-secure seal.

V band clamp

V band clamp

Heavy Duty Clamp

Heavy Duty Clamp